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Obsidian is a natural glass formed when molten magma cools rapidly. The chatoyant band of colors associated with rainbow obsidian can be attributed to microscopic amounts of feldspar, mica or quartz sometimes found along the magma’s flow structure. Though commonly found throughout the Pacific Mountain Region of North America, the rainbow obsidian pictured on our website was mined, tooled, and finished by the Aguirre family of Tequila, Mexico. Located two hours outside of Guadalajara, both the mine and the workshop are open to the elements, allowing the Aguirre family to enjoy the perpetual spring-like climate of Tequila as they craft.  Our obsidian was photographed on Paulina Peak in the Newberry National Volcanic Monument in Central Oregon, an area well known for its extensive obsidian flows.

Obsidian Photos by Simone Paddock / Emerald  Bay  Photography