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About Us

Obsidian Finance Group is a Lake Oswego, Oregon based hybrid advisory and investment firm that specializes in unique and difficult business situations, including distressed enterprises and distressed assets.

Building on a business and personal relationship of more than 25 years, Obsidian was founded by David W. Brown and Kevin D. Padrick in April 2003, and is currently owned, operated and managed by David Brown. Working together and independently over the years, Mr. Brown and Mr. Padrick have advised numerous businesses and investors requiring their expertise to identify investment opportunities, structure and close transactions, and develop strategies to achieve optimal returns. Obsidian was formed when they decided to merge their talents to take advantage of opportunities in complex investments - opportunities that frequently go unnoticed due to their unique nature. Mr. Brown and Mr. Padrick are both senior principals of Obsidian.

Obsidian's business philosophy is to provide the critical thinking necessary to solve the most complex business problems associated with financial assets and complex financial structures.

Obsidian's objective is to capitalize on opportunities for investment in its core area of expertise: unique and difficult situations.

Obsidian, whether advising clients or acting for its own account, is frequently involved in structuring complicated financial transactions. The senior principals' extensive experience in various industries, including the aviation, energy and forest products industries, as well as their contacts in the investment banking community, have been instrumental in their structuring of innovative and strategic ideas in finance and investment that have been presented to investment banks, national hedge funds and other investors. Obsidian's many well-established relationships position it to be a preferred strategic advisor in large transactions frequently sponsored by major Wall Street firms. Consistent with Obsidian's business philosophy, its efforts are focused on complex business problems associated with financial assets and complex financing structures. Obsidian has access to major financial institutions and other intermediaries to pursue opportunities with high rates of return by addressing complex investment and financing requirements with specialized structures.

Obsidian's senior principals, David W. Brown and Kevin D. Padrick, have each built successful law practices in bankruptcy, tax, corporate finance and related fields and have transferred that experience into business success. Collectively, the senior principals have over 50 years of experience in law and business.

Obsidian's professional team has extensive experience in distressed asset investing, investment banking, consulting, law, public accounting, tax and real estate.1 Each has an advanced degree, professional designation, or both.

Obsidian organizes its professionals in cross-functional teams, with each member focusing on an individual area such as finance, legal, tax, bankruptcy or distressed investing. The organization is structured so each opportunity/project receives critical analysis and research by individuals with diverse business perspectives. The strength of the professional team and the cross-functional nature of the organization provides the expertise necessary to focus on the unique aspects of each transaction and identify value-added opportunities.

1 Although they have extensive legal and accounting experience the Obsidian team does not practice law or accounting or provide tax, legal or accounting advice.